TAACCCT Highlights: Instructional Design Part I

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A great deal has been written about TAACCCT programs, their impact on industry and on adult students seeking a pathway to a family-sustaining career. These examples focus on innovations in the area of instructional design. 

Colorado Community College System and SkillsCommons Blended OER video

This features CCCS’s advances contributions to OER and expansion of their online and blended learning courses through multiple TAACCCT grants. 

Elements of a Successful Community College Educational Model

The National STEM Consortium (NSC) is a ten-college Round 1 TAACCCT partnership focused on developing and delivering one-year certificates in composites, cyber technology, electric vehicle technology, environmental technology, and mechatronics.

Finding Success in a Competency-Based Education Program

Henry Ford College has transitioned to a competency-based education approach with their Welding Program, putting more control in students' hands.

Flipping the Classroom – Austin Community College’s Blended, Interactive Approach to Strengthening Student Progression

Seeking to boost student success in health sciences, Austin Community College's (ACC) Biology Department set out to fundamentally change how students master prerequisite course material.

The I-BEST Solution: Hawkeye Community College

Find out how Hawkeye Community College's I-BEST program helps people navigate that path by teaching language and math through computer numerical control (or CNC) education.

Implementation of Competency-Based Education in Community Colleges: Findings from the Evaluation of a TAACCCT Grant

This report details how a consortium led by Sinclair Community College worked with the Western Governors University (WGU) to adapt and adopt the WGU model of online, competency-based education (CBE). 

Implementing a Competency-Based Model at Sinclair Community College

An article by the project manager at Sinclair in the newsletter of the Instructional Technology Council.


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