TAACCCT Round 2/3/4 OMB Reporting Package (updated)


This package contains all Round 2/3/4 forms and instructions for completing required performance reporting.

*NOTE: The reporting forms and instructions were updated on 8/9/2016 to provide consistency to language that may have been unclear, and removed language that was outdated. All changes were non-substantive and did not modify any reporting requirements asked of grantees. A summary of these changes are provided here along with the OMB Reporting Package.

OMB Reporting Package:

  • TAACCCT Reporting Handbook Round 2-3-4 Updated 8-9-16
  • TAACCCT Round 2-3-4 APR FINAL Updated 8-9-16
  • TAACCCT Round 2-3-4 Quarterly Narrative Report
  • TAACCCT Round 2-3-4 Participant Level Data Elements

* Description of Changes TAACCCT Reporting Package Revised also provided

TAACCCT stands for Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants 

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