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Posted 4/29/2016 4:57 PM by Erica Acevedo

TAACCCT Grant's Program Manager, Cheryl Martin, welcomes grantees to the new TAACCCT Community of Practice.

One of the things I love about TAACCCT grantees (and there are many) is that you are eager to learn from each other. You don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel. You take proven strategies that work and make them work even better for you. Which is no small feat, considering that you are all spread across the entire country, from Puerto Rico to Maine to Alaska to Hawaii.

To bring all of you together, the Department of Labor and our technical assistance partners at the TAACCCT Learning Network have facilitated conference calls, peer mentoring relationships, national convenings and webinars. We have also partnered with California State University’s MERLOT program to bring you SkillsCommons, the world’s largest Open Education Resource project. And, you have successfully built your own learning communities by convening at TAACCCT On! and using Basecamp and Google+.

 And now we are proud to launch—without further ado—a place to centralize all of the sharing and essential information for TAACCCT grantees: the new and improved TAACCCT Learning Network Community of Practice (CoP). This CoP is the place where you as a TAACCCT grantee can:

  • access the resources that are necessary to implement your grant;
  • learn from each other and exchange ideas, challenges and successful strategies with other grantees, and;
  • find out about upcoming webinars and events –
  • ALL in one place!

 Please visit the CoP regularly and share it with everyone on your grant team. I hope you will post your questions, share your expertise with others, and become an even more active participant of the TAACCCT community!

Cheryl Martin

Program Manager, TAACCCT Grants

USDOL/ETA Division of Strategic Investment

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