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Attention TAACCCT grantees! We have recently updated and/or published five resources to assist you in the reporting process.

These graphics intend to illustrate some of the nuances of TAACCCT’s performance outcomes. You can find all five on the TAACCCT Performance Reporting Key Resources page on WorkforceGPS. Two of these resources were previously released, and the changes are noted below. No substantive changes were made to the information in these two graphics. The remaining three graphics were used in presentations and webinars, but are being released for the first time as individual resources.

Those five resources are as follows:

  • Performance Reporting TA Resource #1: Reporting Flow Chart - This flow chart helps you track a participant through the B fields of the reporting outcomes for TAACCCT until an exit point is reached. Please note that this chart has not been changed, but has been provided with an updated title and more explanatory text.
  • Performance Reporting TA Resource #2: Who Counts as a Participant? - Follow the trail to determine if your student is a participant. Please note that this chart has not been changed, but has been provided with an updated title.
  • Performance Reporting TA Resource #3: Completion, Exit and Counting Employment - This graphic shows the relationship of completion and exit to one another and the timing for counting someone as having entered employment.
  • Performance Reporting TA Resource #4: Entering Employment vs. Further Education - These graphics will display when to count participants in B.7 or B.8.
  • Performance Reporting TA Resource #5: Counting Outcomes During and After Six-Month Extension - This chart displays which outcomes can be reported in the fourth and final year if the six-month extension was taken.

We encourage you to download and review them as you report your annual performance outcomes for FY 2016. If you have any further questions about these resources please feel free to contact the TAACCCT mailbox.

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